Aloha Spirit Manatee Tours Aloha Spirit Manatee Tours

We Are Available for Sunset Cruises April thru August
Manatee Tours September thru March Only

Sunset Cruises available April thru August only
2 Hour Beautiful Sunset Lake Cruises on Lake Hernando
Complimentary beer, wine, cheese and crackers - $75 per couple
Maximum 6 People

Manatee Tours Available September thru March only
$50 - Children 6 to 12
$65 - per person 13 and up
Non Swimmer Discounted Rates
5 and under FREE

Includes: Snorkel, Mask, Wetsuit, Light Refreshments

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Aloha from Aloha Spirit Manatee Tours

Have you ever wanted to experience something unique, once in a lifetime… something that very few other people on Earth have ever done? Swimming with a manatee is exactly that!

These gentle giants, often referred to as sea cows and their calves, make their home in the beautiful and majestic Homosassa River during the cooler winter months on the West Coast of Florida. In early seafaring days, sailors often mistook the surfacing mammals for mermaids.

The West Indian Manatee is attracted to the Homosassa Florida area because of the many natural, freshwater springs that dot the area. These springs pump out millions of gallons of fresh water every day from the Florida aquafer at a constant temperature of 72 degrees. The manatees winter here to escape the colder waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Many of the natural spring areas are protected (as are the manatees) in Citrus County, and as such the waters and rivers are pristine and crystal clear. The Homosassa River is formed from the head waters of the Homosassa Springs. The Homosassa River is a wonderland, teeming with aquatic life that you simply have to experience for yourself.

Capt. Kevin Sheen will be your manatee tour guide, instructing you all the way through this memorable experience. All necessary equipment (i.e. mask, snorkel, wet suit) are provided. You simply need to show up. Refreshements (soda, water, coffee or hot chooclate) provided. There are different manatee tour rates for those that want to get in the water with the manatees and those that want to stay on the boat and watch.

The manatee tours depart from 10175 West Fishbowl Drive, Homosassa, FL 34448, however you must have a reservation first.